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Energy Supply Breakdown in Vietnam

  • % Coal
  • % Gas
  • % Petroleum
  • % Nuclear Power
  • % Renewable Energy
Number of Operable Reactors 0
Number of Reactors Under Construction 1
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• There are questions over whether Vietnam can build up its human resources capabilities to the level needed to manage a regulatory system capable of safely operating and regulating nuclear power • Vietnam is in the midst of emerging from an era of socialist, centrally-planned economy into one that incorporates a fuller range of private, public and foreign ownership, but its electricity market is still controlled by the state-owned monopoly • The law requires the state-owned electricity provider, Electricity of Vietnam, to sell much of its electricity at an unprofitable average of seven cents per kilowatt-hour


• The country’s rapidly expanding economy means that it will need significant generating capacity — including nuclear energy — if it wants to meet its future demand • As of 2012 the country planned to build eight nuclear energy units, with construction of the first four starting by 2016