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Energy Supply Breakdown in United Arab Emirates

  • % Coal
  • % Gas
  • % Petroleum
  • % Nuclear Power
  • % Renewable Energy
Number of Operable Reactors 0
Number of Reactors Under Construction 2
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  • The UAE has a history of housing front companies and foreign trading agencies that procure dual-use items — items with civilian and military applications — for entities in countries under sanction
  • There are concerns regarding its strategies for nuclear waste management and disaster management
  • Recent surges in electricity consumption due to rapid economic and demographic growth and changing lifestyles are overwhelming the country’s electricity grids, pushing the UAE to seek alternative energy sources
  • Nuclear energy development is expected to fulfill the UAE’s need for energy-extensive desalination, commitment to decarbonization and development of industries
  • The country’s approach towards nuclear safety and operation transparency has won support from the international community