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Energy Supply Breakdown in South Korea

  • % Coal
  • % Gas
  • % Petroleum
  • % Nuclear Power
  • % Renewable Energy
Number of Operable Reactors 23
Number of Reactors Under Construction 5
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  • Electricity supply has not been able to keep pace.
  • Unexpected circumstances such as fluctuations in weather or plant shutdowns have caused government-mandated energy efficiencies and rolling blackouts.
  • There have been some past concerns with use of reactor components that were not properly certified, with falsified warranties.
  • South Korea's high-tech reactors — with solid safety reputations — make the country’s technology a strong competitor in the world of exporting.
  • Nuclear energy has been a strategic priority for the country, as it lacks the natural energy resources — such as oil and natural gas — that benefit many of its neighbors.
  • Soaring electricity demand is led by residential consumers, followed by industry and commercial clients.
  • Nuclear energy accounts for nearly 30 percent of consumed electricity and this percentage is expected to grow.