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Energy Supply Breakdown in Kazakhstan

  • % Coal
  • % Gas
  • % Petroleum
  • % Nuclear Power
  • % Renewable Energy
Number of Operable Reactors 0
Number of Reactors Under Construction 0
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  • A legacy of the Soviet Union’s nuclear weapons-testing regime, Kazakhstan is the world’s most radioactive country, having hosted the notorious Semipalatinsk nuclear test site
  • A product of the Soviet-era, Kazakhstan’s only nuclear power plant, the BN-350 nuclear reactor at Mangyshlak, operated for 26 years before being shutdown in 1999 and decommissioned in 2001
  • With over 12 percent of the world’s uranium reserves, has been mining uranium since 1948 and is the world’s largest producer
  • Kazakhstan, under the auspices of the NCC, operates six research centers and a number of research reactors.