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Energy Supply Breakdown in Japan

  • % Coal
  • % Gas
  • % Petroleum
  • % Nuclear Power
  • % Renewable Energy
Number of Operable Reactors 43*
Number of Reactors Under Construction 3
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*NOTE: There are 43 operable reactors in Japan, though most currently remain shut down. Sendai No. 1 was the first to go successfully back online, and began commercial operation in September 2015. Sendai No. 2 is projected to restart mid-October 2015.

  • In the wake of the Fukushima accident, public opinion of nuclear energy is still very low.
  • The Japanese regulatory environment is still evolving.
  • The prospect for nuclear energy is now is about half what is was expected to be by 2017.
  • Japanese nuclear industry is beginning to look at export possibilities and international collaboration.
  • The country's reactors had provided about 30 percent of the country's electricity, and before the Fukushima accident this was expected to increase to at least 40 percent by 2017.