In speeches since his earliest days in the U.S. Senate, Howard Baker asserted,


He understood that nuclear energy will and must continue to play an indispensable role in the world energy mix, providing clean base load power and mitigating the risks of global warming. Forum on Energy is committed to presenting the most up-to-date, accurate and balanced information, analysis, and opinion on nuclear energy and its growing role in the global energy mix. Through its affiliation with the Howard Baker Forum, the U.S.-Japan Roundtable, and the national law and public policy firm Baker Donelson, Forum on Energy is able to tap into a variety of global information sources in the political, legal, energy, and environmental spheres.

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The Howard Baker Forum was established in Washington, D.C., to provide a platform for examining specific, immediate and critical issues affecting the nation’s progress at home and its relations abroad. Under Senator Baker’s leadership, the Howard Baker Forum has organized a variety of programs and research projects to examine and illuminate public policy challenges facing the nation and the world today.