Global Energy News Roundup: January 10

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Draft Report Released on the Disposal of Treated Water at Fukushima Plant

On December 31st Japan released a draft report discussing how to dispose of treated water at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant. Two methods were included in the draft. The first method would be to release the water into the ocean after it has been diluted. The second method is to release the water through evaporation. The water issue stems from the operation to cool down the melted nuclear fuel in the reactors which generates contaminated water, which is then purified. According to the article, about 1.1 million tons of treated water is being stored in nearly 1,000 tanks at the site. The contaminated water is increasing by about 170 tons a day. A study of how to release this contaminated water has been ongoing since the Fall of 2016.  Once the project to dispose of the contaminated water begins, it is expected to take at least 10 years.

Source: Star Advertiser

France Will Not Make Decision on Building New Reactors Before End of 2022

The French government has said that it will not decide whether to build six new EPR reactors before the end of 2022. The government had asked the state-controlled utility EDF to study the feasibility of building the six new reactors. During a parliamentary hearing on Wednesday the French Energy Minister Elizabeth Borne stated that the decision on new reactors will follow the start-up of EDF’s Flamanville 3 EPR reactor, currently under construction in the north of France. Borne stated that “the loading of nuclear fuel at Flamanville 3 is planned for the end of 2022. So the decision would be after…” France currently has a plan to reduce the share of nuclear power in its electricity mix to 50% from 75% while incorporating more renewable solar, wind and biomass.

Source: Reuters

NuScale Power Announces First Proposal to Canadian Nuclear Regulator for Review of SMR Design

NuScale Power announced that it has submitted its Phase 1 and 2 combined pre-licensing vendor design review of its small modular reactor design to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. NuScale Chairman and CEO John Hopkins stated that “interest in building NuScale plants in Canada continues to grow. This pre-licensing process allows our design to be reviewed by another highly respected regulator, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, and we look forward to their thorough evaluation of our innovative safety features…We are thrilled to continue our path forward to introduce our scalable, economic, carbon-free, and safe SMR technology to Canadian customers.” For more information, please see here.

Source: Bloomberg