Global Energy News Roundup: December 13

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NuScale Power Announces Completion of Fourth Regulatory Phase

NuScale Power has announced that the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has now completed the fourth phase of review for its small modular reactor’s design certification application. The review now enters the 5th and 6th phases which are expected to be completed by late 2020. The rule making process will begin after that. NuScale says that its technology, which aims to lower the cost and footprint of nuclear power projects, is the only small modular reactor to undergo design certification review by the NRC.

NuScale Chairman and CEO John Hopkins said in a statement: “The completion of Phase 4 of the NRC’s design review certification process is an unprecedented step forward for our company and for the advanced nuclear industry overall..We appreciate the tremendous effort the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has dedicated to its thorough and rigorous review of our groundbreaking technology thus far…We are thrilled to be entering into the final stages of the NRC’s review process and are looking forward to delivering America’s first small modular nuclear reactor.”

Source: Power Engineering

Another Milestone Completed at Vogtle Plant

A two million pound roof has been set into place over the Vogtle Unit 3 shield building, marking another step forward for the project in Waynesboro, Georgia. The shield building is a unique feature of the AP1000 reactor design for Vogtle 3 &4 and provides an additional layer of safety around the containment vessel and nuclear reactor, protecting the structure from potential impacts. Another important milestone was achieved with the completion of the first emergency preparedness drill for the Vogtle 3 & 4 new nuclear units.

Source: Yahoo Finance

Australia Considers Nuclear Energy for Energy Mix

Australia’s successive Labor and Coalition governments have acquired a bipartisan moratorium on the construction and operation of nuclear power plants in Australia. On August 6, the parliament’s House Standing Committee on the Environment and Energy began an inquiry into the nuclear fuel cycle and the country’s potential future use of nuclear energy. The inquiry began at the request of Energy Minister Angus Taylor. The committee so far has considered 309 submissions and undertaken a public hearing program across the country. The committee has now released the report titled ” Not without your approval: A way forward for nuclear technology in Australia.” The report summarizes its findings and makes recommendations. It has also been presented to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Tony Smith, for consideration by the government.  For more information, please see here.

Source: World Nuclear News