Global Energy News Roundup: July 19

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NuScale Executive Shares Company’s Biggest Challenge and the Importance of Government Support

A top executive from NuScale, the Oregon-based company which is the first to work with federal regulators on a new generation of nuclear power, recently talked with the news outlet Axios and gave key updates on its efforts to commercialize its new advanced reactor. The company is expecting a key technical review to be completed by the end of this year and is hoping for final government approval from the government by the second half of next year. NuScale is hoping to have its reactor operating by 2026. During an interview, NuScale’s chief commercial officer, Thomas Mundy, stated that the biggest challenge facing the company is competing with Russia and China’s state-supported technology companies. When asked about the importance of government support to his company’s technology, Mundy stated “It’s very significant. Not just for our program, but all [advanced reactor] technology. It’s the infusion of financial support through those [government] awards that enables us to get to the market a whole lot sooner had we not received that financial support.”

Source: AXIOS

Senate Energy Committee Advances Nuclear Energy Legislation

On July 16 the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee advanced 22 bills. One of the bills was the Nuclear Energy Leadership Act (NELA), which is cosponsored by 17 members. Of the legislation, Senator Lisa Murkowski who chairs the committee stated “Our nation invented civilian nuclear energy, but our leadership has diminished significantly in recent decades. NELA aims to restore it by helping to develop a range of advanced reactors technologies that are clean, safe, and reliable.” This is the committee’s first major energy-related markup of 2019, but Senator Murkowski does not expect it to be the last. The senator stated that her “intention is to have another markup focused on energy legislation, including energy storage, most likely in September.”

Source: U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Announces Launch of Small Modular Reactor Deployment Program

Canada’s top nuclear science and technology organization, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL), has announced the launch of the Canadian Nuclear Research Initiative (CNRI), a new program that will enable the research and development to accelerate the deployment of small modular reactors in Canada.  CNL will annually issue a call for proposals inviting organizations to submit projects that are categorized under a list of designated focus areas which include market analysis, fuel development, reactor physics modeling, transportation, and more. Benefits of the program include allowing the participants to optimize resources, share technical knowledge, and have access to CNL’s expertise to help advance the commercialization of SMR technologies. CNL President and CEO, Mark Lesinski stated that “CNL has made tremendous progress over the past few years as an advocate for SMR technology and is helping to facilitate its development here in Canada. We believe that CNRI will help continue this momentum…Our laboratories and scientific capabilities are truly unique in this country. This new program will provide qualified applicants with the opportunity to leverage these resources to drive innovation in the development of this much-needed low carbon energy technology.”

Source: Yahoo Finance