Global Energy News Roundup: December 28

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Department of Energy Signs Agreement Supporting Power Generated from Small Modular Reactors

World Nuclear News is reporting that the US Department of Energy (DOE) has signed a memorandum on understanding (MOU) on the use of two of the 12 modules of a demonstration small modular reactor project planned for Idaho National Laboratory (INL). According to the article, “Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS) formally launched the Carbon Free Power Project in 2015 as part of its long-term strategy to reduce carbon emissions and replace aging coal-fired plants with a non-fossil fuel, and medium-sized, flexible power generating source. As part of the project, UAMPS plans the development of a 12-module NuScale plant at a site at the INL, with operation expected by 2027.

The DOE announced on 21 December that it had signed an MoU with UAMPS and INL’s Battelle Energy Alliance (BEA) that allocates one of the SMR modules for research, development and demonstration for the Joint Use Modular Plant (JUMP) program. The research is expected to focus primarily on integrated energy systems that support the production of both electricity and non-electric energy products.”

Ed McGinnis, principal deputy assistant secretary of the DOE’s Office of Nuclear Energy stated that “this agreement will allow DOE to meet its needs in the form of resilient power to a national security mission-based lab while drawing from our nation’s newest class of advanced reactors…the JUMP program provides a unique opportunity for the nation’s leading nuclear laboratory to conduct nuclear energy research, and contribute to the successful commercialization of the nation’s first SMR.”

Source: World Nuclear News

Top Ten Myths About Nuclear Energy Clarified

An article was published this week that explains the top ten myths about nuclear energy. The article promotes nuclear energy as a clean source of reliable base load power. The top myths include:

# 1: An atomic reactor can detonate like an atomic bomb.

# 2: Nuclear vitality is awful for the environment.

# 3: Nuclear vitality isn’t sheltered.

# 4: Americans get the greater part of their yearly radiation portion from atomic power plants.

# 5: There is no solution for colossal measures of atomic waste being produced.

# 6: Most Americans don’t bolster atomic power.

# 7: Nuclear waste cannot be securely transported.

# 8: Used atomic fuel is fatal for a long time.

# 9: Nuclear vitality can’t decrease our reliance on foreign oil.

The website, Lera Blog, which goals include combating climate change, is working to dispel these false facts so that nuclear power can help to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

Source: Lera Blog

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