Global Energy News Roundup: December 21

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US Senate Passes Bipartisan Legislation Aimed at Promoting US Nuclear Energy Industry

This week the US Senate passed by a voice vote bipartisan legislation that aims to promote America’s nuclear energy industry. The bill is titled the Nuclear Energy Innovation Modernization Act (NEIMA).  According to the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Chairman John Barrasso, the legislation “will help create jobs, reduce carbon emissions, and maintain America’s leadership in nuclear innovation. It will give consumers and licensees greater transparency and accountability over how the Nuclear Regulatory Commission spends their money.”

The legislation also directs the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to establish a licensing system for advanced reactors and support development of technology at the Idaho National Laboratory and other labs in the U.S. Additionally the bill promotes public private partnerships for investment in the nuclear power sector. Idaho Senator Mike Crapo stated that “the research being completed at Idaho National Lab into modern, clean and efficient energy contributes immensely to our nation’s domestic energy portfolio…this bipartisan measure is important for Idaho because it will help ensure that the work being done at Idaho’s National Lab will have a path through to the commercial market. NEIMA pushes the NRC to modernize so that it has the ability to license advanced reactors in a safe, timely, and transparent manner.”

Source: Local News 8

Possible Japan Exit from Nuclear Exports Opens Door for Russia and China

Japanese media outlets are reporting that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Hitachi are considering pulling out of nuclear projects in Turkey and Great Britain. The moves concern those throughout the industry who believe that it will allow China’s or Russia’s nuclear energy industries to step in and replace the Japanese companies. A consultant who advises one of Japan’s nuclear groups stated that “without Horizon, Japan is left without a nuclear project abroad … this is becoming a Russia/China-dominated industry.”  Hitachi is hoping that a group of Japanese investors and Great Britain will each take a third of the equity portion of the project.

Source: Reuters

Ohio State Government Passes Resolution for Advanced Nuclear Power

The Ohio state government passed a resolution that “petitions the U.S. Department of Energy to promulgate rules and establish programs allowing states to develop new nuclear designs and technologies, under federal authority, and to construct a prototype reactor.” The resolution had strong support and was passed with a vote of 73-2. The resolution will now be sent to the U.S. Department of Energy. Representative Dick Stein from the Ohio state government stated that he was “happy to see large bipartisan support for a measure recognizing some of Ohio’s biggest skillsets, engineering and manufacturing” and that he looks “forward to the next phase of this project, to make Ohio a world leader in advanced nuclear design.”

Source: The Norwalk Reflector