Global Energy News Roundup: December 7

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IAEA Completes Nuclear Security Advisory Mission in Japan

Today an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) team completed a nuclear security advisory mission in Japan. The mission was acted upon at the request of the Japanese Government. The focus of the mission was to study Japan’s responses to the recommendations of the original International Physical Protection Advisory Service (IPPAS) mission in 2015 and also review the legal and regulatory framework meant for the “security of nuclear material and facilities, computer and information security, and implementation of nuclear security at a facility.” According to the article, the team “saw significant enhancements since the previous mission, observing that the nuclear security regime in Japan is robust and well-established.” The mission also provided additional suggestions that will help Japan further strengthen and sustain its nuclear security.

Source: The International Atomic Energy Agency

China Looks to Build Another Reactor in the United Kingdom

China General Nuclear (CGN) has expressed interest in building a reactor on the Moorside site in the United Kingdom. The Moorside site was recently vacated by Toshiba’s subsidy NuGen. Additionally, CGN has partnered with France’s EDF Energy to build another plant in Bradwell, Essex. CGN has revealed a plan to expedite delivery of this plant when UK Chief Operating Officer of CGN, Rob Davies stated that “with the demise of NuGen there is a gap in the UK’s nuclear programme; the expected sequence of reactors coming down the line has been interrupted…We are confident we can close that gap by bringing Bradwell into operation much sooner.”

Source: Building UK

United Nations Promotes Nuclear Power

An outcome document from the United Nation’s Economic Commission for Europe’s (UNECE’s) Ministerial Conference of the International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development states that all sources, including nuclear, should be considered in new business models to ensure sustainable development. The document includes the statement that “some countries choose to pursue nuclear power with a view that it can play an important role in the global sustainable energy mix,” and that “decisions regarding the future energy mix should be made on the basis of a technology-neutral policy framework where all supply and demand options are recognized for their contribution.”

Source: World Nuclear News