Global Energy News Roundup: October 5

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Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Hosts Largest Gathering of Small Modular Reactor Companies

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) hosted what is called the “the largest ever gathering of the global small modular reactor (SMR) community,” which occurred during CNL’s third SMR Vendor Roundtable. The gathering represented companies from across the whole SMR and advanced reactor sector including “26 SMR technology vendors from six countries, as well as more than 75 officials from government, regulatory agencies, national laboratories, investors, utilities, and the nuclear supply chain.” Canada is working to develop an SMR Roadmap for the country, which is looking to power its more remote and isolated communities with the clean and reliable energy.

Source: MarketWatch

Turkey In Talks with Japan and China on Nuclear Energy 

According to Reuters, Turkey is in talks with Japan and China regarding nuclear energy development. Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan stated that a decision will be made on the topic by the end of the year. While the specific content of the talks between Japan and China on nuclear energy was not clear, it is most likely that Turkey is working to build at least one nuclear power plant. This could be in response to Saudi Arabia’s move to build nuclear power plants in its country as well.

Source: Reuters

US Justice Department Charge Intelligence Officials for Hacking Nuclear Energy Company

The US Justice Department announced that is has charged seven Russian intelligence officials with hacking Westinghouse Electric Corporation, the nuclear energy company based in Pennsylvania, along with doping agencies and other organizations. European chemical makers in the Netherlands and Switzerland were also targeted by the hackers. FBI Director Christopher Wray stated that “the investigation leading to the indictments announced today is the FBI at its best…the FBI will not permit any government, group, or individual to threaten our people, our country, or our partners. We will work tirelessly to find them, stop them, and bring them to justice.”

Source: CNBC

Russia Loads Fuel Into Floating Nuclear Reactors

Russia has completed loading fuel into two reactors of its first floating nuclear power plant that will be sent to its northernmost city of Pevek. The power plant, named Akademik Lomonosov, is “144 metres in length, 30 metres wide and having a displacement of 21,000” tons. Rosatom has stated that it is working on a second generation floating nuclear reactor that will have greater generating capacity and which would be smaller in size.

Source: World Nuclear News