Global Energy News Roundup: December 21

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Hitachi-GE Reactor Design Cleared for Use in the United Kingdom

Regulators have decided that Hitachi-GE’s UK Advanced Boiling Water Reactor (UK ABWR) is suitable for construction in the United Kingdom. Regulators conducted an in-depth Generic Design Assessment (GDA) that stated that the reactor “meets regulatory expectations on safety, security and environmental protection at this stage of the regulatory process.” While a GDA is not mandatory, it is expected by the British Government to be conducted for all new build projects. Speaking on behalf of the Office for Nuclear Regulation, chief nuclear inspector Mark Foy stated, “the completion of the generic design assessment of the UK ABWR is a significant step in our regulation of the overall process to construct this type of reactor in the UK, ensuring that the generic design meets the highest standards of safety that we expect in this country.”

Source: World Nuclear News

Georgia Regulators Vote to Continue Vogtle Nuclear Project

The Georgia Public Service Commission unanimously approved to continue the construction of the Vogtle nuclear expansion project. The move “greenlights Georgia Power’s revised cost request and schedule largely as is, with some additional “carrot and stick” provisions designed to incentivize project completion.” The final decision came after several rounds of hearing this past fall and came down to a decision whether ratepayers should carry the financial burden of a lengthened schedule and increased costs for the reactor expansion.

Source: Greentech Media, World Nuclear News

Japan to Export Nuclear Reactor Technology to Poland

Japan will begin to export a safer nuclear reactor technology to Poland by 2030. The Japan Atomic Energy Agency and other companies such as Toshiba, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and Hitachi will lead an effort to build commercial high-temperature gas cooled reactors once the agreement between Japan and Poland is signed.  Their goal is to “to complete a 10MW experimental reactor at Poland’s National Center for Nuclear Research by 2025.”

Nikkei Asian Review

Russia Completes Assembly of Reactor at Rostov 4

The assembly of the reactor at Rostov 4 in Russia has been completed. Hydraulic tests have now began and once completed, the regulator Rostekhnadzor will have the decision to give permission to bring the reactor to the minimum controlled power level. Start-up of the reactor and its grid connection is expected next year, along with another new Russian unit named the VVER-1200 reactor.

Source: World Nuclear News