Global Energy News Roundup: August 24

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Department of Energy Issues Staff Report Promoting Nuclear Energy

This past week the Department of Energy issued a staff report to Secretary Perry on electricity markets and their reliability. In April 2017, Secretary Perry directed his staff to “develop a report including an assessment of the reliability and resilience of the electric grid and an overview of the evolution of electricity markets.” The report states that cheaper natural gas and an increase of growth of renewable energy had led to accelerated closures of coal and nuclear power plants and that these closures put at risk the resilience of the U.S. electric grid. The report recommends that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission should expedite its permitting process so that the safety of new and existing nuclear reactors can be ensured while not creating unnecessary operating costs and uncertainty in the nuclear energy sector. The study also describes nuclear energy as an important provider of baseload power and an essential source of dependability to the U.S. power grid. Please see here for the full report.

Sources: Reuters, The Chicago Tribune

Canadian Company Works to Become Hub for Small Modular Reactor Development

The Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) is working to become a global hub for the development community of small modular reactors (SMRs). CNL released a long-term strategy earlier this year which included the goal of building a small modular reactor on one of its sites by 2026. As part of the strategy, CNL requested input from across the nuclear power industry on how to create “an SMR industry in Canada and CNL’s potential role in bringing SMR technology to market.” CNL received expressions of interest from over 70 organizations in response to the request for input. CNL president and CEO Mark Lesinksi stated that the “request was issued to give us a better understanding of the industry’s interest in pursuing SMR technology, and the part that CNL could play in that process. I’m happy to say that the response has been beyond our expectations.” CNL will now review the submissions that it received after the request for input, and will publish a summary of its findings once the review is complete.

Source: World Nuclear News

Stanford Scholars Publish Book Promoting U.S. Nuclear Power

Stanford scholars have published a new book that promotes nuclear energy. The book is titled Keeping the Lights on at America’s Nuclear Power Plants and is authored by Jeremy Carl and David Fedor, both research scholars at the Hoover Institution, a public policy think tank at Stanford University. In an interview, Jeremy Carl describes how nuclear energy does not receive proper credit for “its lack of carbon emissions…or for its security attributes, which are considerable.” In order to revive the nuclear power market, David Fedor states that the “federal government should be the lead supporter” of projects that work to develop safer and simpler nuclear power plants. And that with “consistent research-and-development funding, more nimble technology commercialization partnerships” the industry can be revitalized.

Source: Stanford News

China Will Use Russian Technology to Build New Nuclear Power Plant

China is beginning to use Russian technology to build new nuclear power plants in China. Sergei Kondratyev of Russia’s Institute of Energy and Finance explained that China is working to diversify the technology being used to build nuclear power plants throughout China. He stated that China has already used French and U.S. technology to build nuclear power plants in the country, and will now use Russian technology in an effort to diversify its nuclear power plants.

Source: Sputnik News