Global Energy News Roundup: August 17

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Report Examines Role of Nuclear Energy in Meeting U.S. National Security Needs

Former U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz believes that the nuclear power industry is a key part of America’s security, according to a report published by Moniz and his non-profit organization named Energy Futures Initiative. The report is titled The U.S. Nuclear Energy Enterprise: A Key National Security Enabler and “examines the key role the U.S. nuclear energy enterprise plays in meeting national security imperatives, and notes the important role the domestic nuclear energy industry plays in supplying the nation’s electricity system and maintaining a robust supply chain (equipment, services, and skilled personnel) that is necessary for U.S. leadership in global nuclear nonproliferation policy.” The report emphasizes the need for tax incentives, government loan guarantees, and increased research on nuclear technology in the U.S. The full report can be found here.

Source: Energy Futures Initiative, Bloomberg

China Aims to Build 20 Floating Reactors

Last week, China National Nuclear Power (CNNP) announced plans to build 20 “barge-based” nuclear power stations which are expected to be used in order to provide thermal energy and electricity in certain disputed areas, including the South China Sea. Five companies, including CNNP and Shanghai Electric Power, formed one company that will build these maritime nuclear facilities.  The reported goal of the project is to “develop China’s sea power, further the maritime silk road and integrate civil and military nuclear-powered vessels.”

Source: Global Construction Review

FERC’s New Interim Chairman Emphasizes Importance of Nuclear Energy as a Baseload Power Source

The new interim Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Neil Chatterjee, is working to ensure that baseload generation is recognized as an essential piece of the U.S. fuel mix. In a recent interview, the interim Chairman stated that he believes that “generation, including our existing coal and nuclear fleet, need to be properly compensated to recognize the value they provide to the system.” Chatterjee believes that the presence of baseload energy resources are a concern for U.S. national security, and Energy Secretary Perry made it known that he has similar views when he stated how “being able to have and make sure we’re able to maintain a baseload on our grid is [a matter] of national security.” Mr. Chatterjee’s nomination was approved by the senate on August 4 and he will serve as FERC Chairman until Trump’s nominee, Kevin McIntyre, is confirmed.

Source: Green Tech Media

First Steam Generator Now in Place at Vogtle

Progress was made this week at the Vogtle nuclear power plant when the first steam generator was placed in the containment of Vogtle unit 3. This was the first major lift carried out since South Nuclear took over the oversight activities at the AP1000 construction site in Georgia. Each of the two AP1000s currently under construction at the site require two steam generators. The generators are the some of the largest components of the plants and placing this first steam generator is a significant step in the process of expanding the existing nuclear power plant.

Source: World Nuclear News