Global Energy News Roundup: July 14

The Forum on Energy weekly news roundup brings together a mix of global energy stories from around the web. It is published every Thursday and is available on Twitter via @forumonenergy


Takahama nuclear power plant

Japanese Court Blocks Nuclear Restart

The Otsu District Court in Shiga Prefecture upheld an injunction issued in March that suspended the operation of Takahama No. 3 and No. 4. This decision was not a surprise, and Kansai Electric
Power Co. had already started removing fuel from the two reactors. This ruling means that the utility will likely be unable to run any of its nuclear power plants for at least six months.

Source: Nikkei Asian Review, Reuters

Japanese Government Lifts Fukushima Evacuation Order

Two areas of Fukushima have had their evacuation order lifted, allowing more than 10,000 people to return to their homes. Both areas are in the city of Minamisoma, which is approximately 25 km north of the nuclear power plant. Recent surveys indicate however than 30-50% of families who were obligated to leave their homes due to radioactivity concerns are uncertain whether they will return to their houses. The government aims to lift evacuation orders for all but the most radioactive zones- which will remain uninhabitable for at least the medium term- by March 2017.

Source: The Financial Express

New York Proposes Nuclear Subsidies

The New York Department of Public Service has presented a proposal to help preserve upstate nuclear power plants by valuing their zero-emissions attributes based on the social cost of carbon emissions. The State of New York Public Service Commission directed earlier this year that the state’s Clean Energy Standard (CES) must include a support mechanism for upstate nuclear plants at risk of closure due to economic pressures.

Source: World Nuclear News


Sendai nuclear power plant

Antinuclear Candidate Wins Key Governorship

Former journalist Satoshi Mitazono defeated incumbent Kagoshima Governor Yuichiro Ito. His platform reportedly centered largely around a pledge to suspend operations at the Sendai nuclear power plant, which has the only two currently-operating reactors in Japan. Kyushu Electric Power Co.’s shares fell to a three-year low in the wake of the election.

Source: The Wall Street Journal