U.S. Perspective: Decommissioning Lessons Learned

In June, The Howard Baker Forum hosted its quarterly Members Meeting of the U.S.-Japan Roundtable, bringing together industry and governmental influencers from both countries’ nuclear sectors.

Forum on Energy is thrilled to share another presentation from one of the day’s esteemed speakers, Dyan Foss. Ms. Foss is the Global Managing Director of Nuclear at CH2M, a U.S. firm that specializes in tackling difficult infrastructure and resource quandaries facing the world. This includes decommissioning of nuclear sites, be they commercial, military, or research-focused.

Ms. Foss shared insights she has gained over her years as both a project manager and Global Managing Director within the sector. She asserted the importance of engaging the public, and reaching consensus on final land use in order to optimize the decommissioning process and timeline. She advocates a mentality of productivity, asserting that “you don’t have to know everything to get started,” and promoting clarity of goals and milestones to promote the timeline.

Part of her method of punctuality, however, is also strict adherence to safety, creating a culture of “do it right the first time” in order to avoid not only accidents, but delays due to backtracking. She promotes a model of transparency and inclusion, developing the concept of the end goal from the very start to ensure that there is always something tangible to work toward, rather than falling victim to constant redesign and vacillation.

Hearing her speak, there is no doubt that Ms. Foss harbors the utmost passion for her work, and this is reflected in the impressive record of her department. We are very pleased to share her presentation here on Forum on Energy, and to continue to learn lessons from CH2M in the future.

U.S. Perspective – Decommissioning Lessons Learned