Spotlight on SMR Research

Recently, Forum on Energy has shared a few podcasts via Twitter. This innovative approach to spreading information about the future of nuclear energy has been undertaken by the Hoover Institution, a think tank and research institution based out of Stanford University.

The Hoover Institution focuses on a wide range of issues, from energy to U.S. politics to health care. Earlier in July, the Shultz-Stephenson Energy Task Force launched a new research series titled “Reinventing Nuclear Power.” To date, the series consists of two essays and three podcasts; this variety of media diversifies the opportunities for engagement in an exciting way, broadening the potential audience to learn about important, pressing issues facing nuclear energy.

The focus of this series is particularly salient to the issues that Forum on Energy has been examining, especially with its emphasis on SMRs. Through its research, the goals of this nuclear energy series are threefold: to identify obstacles facing national energy policies; to specify potential roles for government, military, and the private sector; and to propose solutions to move forward.

The essays expound on the necessity of technology such as SMRs for the global energy future, in as short a timeframe as possible, calling industry and government to action to develop this promising technology. It also provides a thorough overview and assessment of potential hurdles, putting forward the existing regulatory and policy issues in the space.

With two options for engagement with this series, the research of the Schultz-Stephenson Energy Task Force is a valuable addition to the conversation, and well worth exploring.

Access the full series here.