Shining a Spotlight on Advanced Nuclear Technologies

On July 4, the Forum on Energy shared an exciting and informative graphic on Twitter. This comprehensive map of the emerging nuclear technologies of North America was developed by Third Way, a think tank based in Washington, D.C.

Third Way is engaged in issues ranging from education to energy and climate change. Recently, they published a report on the advanced nuclear industry in North America, from which the map was pulled

The report introduces the advanced nuclear industry, which is currently under-recognized in the American energy sector as other renewables gain notoriety for innovation. Advanced nuclear reactors are, however, the “next step” beyond even small modular reactors (SMRs), and therefore on the cutting edge of technological innovation, with very exciting prospects for their future impact on the nuclear energy renaissance.


In its report, Third Way effectively compiles and presents a comprehensive picture of the advanced nuclear industry with the geographic representation and a comprehensive list of active companies in the space and the reactor type under development. This piece highlights the vitally important and rapidly developing subset of the nuclear industry, and offers four significant takeaways that effectively summarize the findings of their research:

  1. Research in this space is geographically dispersed across North America, rather than concentrated in one regional cluster.
  2. The companies Third Way presents as involved in the advanced nuclear industry widely vary in size and structure, diversifying the sector.
  3. A main focus of many advanced nuclear designs is on alternative coolants, developing models that rely on liquid metal, high temperature gases, and molten salt.
  4. A significant amount of R&D is currently dedicated to refining fusion technologies, moving toward the possibility of commercialization.

Read the full report here.