What Convinces Anti-Nuclear Activists to Take a Second Look?

For the next several weeks, the Forum on Energy will be featuring content from the recent 7th annual U.S.-Japan Roundtable conference.


Robert Stone speaking at the recent 7th annual U.S.-Japan Roundtable conference.

Robert Stone, director of Pandora’s Promise, spoke to guests at the 7th annual U.S.-Japan Roundtable conference about the making of the film in which he profiled his transition from an anti-nuclear environmentalist to a pro-nuclear environmentalist. In his comments he described how learning more about the nuclear industry and gradually seeing his own perspective change as he became educated is the best way to appeal to other environmentalists.

For Stone and the environmental movement, the overriding challenge of our time is catastrophic global climate change. Nuclear power, Stone portends, is the only existent technology that can lessen global reliance on fossil fuels for base load power production, while providing a significant amount of comparatively inexpensive energy.

You can rent the movie here.

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View Stone’s full presentation below: