CSIS: ‘Japan Nears Nuclear Restarts—But How Much and How Fast?’

iStock_000003470513SmallJane Nakano, a Senior Fellow at the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), recently offered a comprehensive overview of Japan’s nuclear energy production. In a CSIS post, she reviews the domestic costs of taking all of Japan’s nuclear reactors offline, vis a vis replacement cost of LNG imports, rising levels of CO2 emissions and backtracking on previous international greenhouse gas reduction commitments. The approval of the Sendai reactors first by regulators and second by the provincial governor is an important step to reducing costs of energy imports.

Nakano writes, “Despite the rising momentum towards restart, there remain several uncertainties as to the pace and scope of the nuclear restarts as well as the future of nuclear power in Japan…. Notwithstanding the remaining uncertainties, nothing should diminish the fact that the prospect of restarting reactors is a significant milestone in Japan’s journey after the Fukushima nuclear accident.”

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