BPC Official: U.S. Nuclear Energy has Promising, Critical Future in Emerging Markets

While cheap natural gas has helped to severely slow down the U.S. nuclear industry, American companies are in an excellent position to sell their technologies in emerging global markets, according to speakers at the ninth annual Platts Nuclear Energy Conference. And some say the U.S. government should help ensure that happens. Pete Miller, co-chairman of the Nuclear Initiative at the Bipartisan Policy Center, said the strongest argument for U.S. government support of the nuclear industry is the potential for national security benefits. “A small number of countries in the world have the strategic intent of becoming large nuclear presences in world,” he said, according to E&E. “These countries don’t necessarily have the track record for [reactor safety and safety regulations] that we have.” Additionally, improving global nuclear energy resources would help maintain a balance of jobs and trade in the nuclear industry, as well as encourage a diverse energy supply with an emphasis on emissions-free technology.
Source: E&E (Subscription)