SRNL Researcher to Assist with Fukushima Clean Up

Robert SSavannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) researcher Robert Sindelar will spend the next two months in Japan as a U.S. Embassy Science Fellow providing expertise as part of a joint Japan-U.S. framework to decontaminate the area affected by the Fukushima Daiichi accident. The Embassy Science Fellows program, founded in 2001 as a U.S. State Department and National Science Foundation partnership, enables U.S. embassies to place working scientists around the world. Sindelar will be hosted by the Japan Ministry of Environment.

As specialists in the fields of treatment, cleanup and environmental remediation of nuclear waste, SRNL researchers have worked closely with Japanese officials and agencies on the Fukushima response. Sindelar was previously part of an SRNL expert team workshop team to discuss clean-up efforts at Fukushima. With nearly three decades of experience in the nuclear field, he is an expert in spent nuclear fuel management; water decontamination; aging effects and aging management of structures; and materials in nuclear systems.

SourceThe Augusta Chronicle

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