VIDEO: FLEX to Keep Reactors Cool in Extreme Natural Events

After the March 2011 accident at Fukushima Daiichi, the U.S. nuclear energy industry came together to make sure all the country’s reactors were as safe as possible — and that they could be kept safe even in the event of extreme natural events.

“We immediately formed the Fukushima steering committee,” said Ed Halpin, Sr. VP and Chief Nuclear Officer of Pacific Gas & Electric. “We began to work very closely with Japan, with the companies that were involved, to understand the lesson, to study the accidents, and to make sure we were rapidly moving in a direction to put the right corrective actions in place to make sure that we were putting safety first.”

The result was the FLEX solution to ensure effective reactor fuel cooling. The diverse, flexible strategy combines on-site portable equipment and nearby equipment that can be deployed rapidly to any of the country’s nuclear reactors.

“If you can keep the core cool, the plant is always safe,” said David Heacock, President and Chief Nuclear Officer of Dominion Nuclear. “And safety is our number one priority at all of our plants. We have backups, and we have backups for the backups.”

>>Watch the full video on FLEX from the Nuclear Energy Institute.