Idea Gallery: The Costs of Eliminating Nuclear Energy

Nuclear PlantIn a recent letter, Yoshiyuki Kasai, Chairman of Central Japan Railway Company, expressed deep concern over the government’s plans to phase out nuclear power.

Forum on Energy has summarized the letter.

A stable supply of high-quality and inexpensive power is essential to sustain Japanese industries while maintaining the employment and living standards of the Japanese people. Nuclear power is an indispensable power source for maintaining that reality.

Everyday Japanese citizens who are asked about the pros and cons are not informed of the costs of eliminating nuclear energy. Power is the lifeblood of industry. If you do not maintain an inexpensive, stable power supply while trying to manage and overcome the risks of nuclear power, industry will collapse and people will lose their homes.

The Fukushima Daiichi accident provided a valuable lesson we can use to ensure complete safety and to establish a crisis management plan for even the worst scenarios. Japan will face a bright tomorrow if today we face reality and take advantage of nuclear energy with unparalleled safety measures.