Climate Change: Time to Get Serious About Nuclear Energy

Hurricane Sandy was an urgent and unfortunate reminder of the human cost of severe weather events, which will become more frequent with climate change. As the U.S. relief efforts continue in the northeast, we must also look toward a more permanent solution. Nuclear energy is a viable carbon-neutral energy source that can help reduce carbon emissions and curb the planet’s warming. Perhaps one result of the storm will be a serious conversation about nuclear power as an energy solution for climate change.

Several media outlets and other organizations have dissected the idea that nuclear energy should be part of the climate change answer in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Forum on Energy has rounded them up for you below, as well as some other pieces about the environmental benefits of emission-free nuclear energy.

Climate Change and A Serious Discussion About Nuclear Power
This Science 2.0 piece explains that the importance of Hurricane Sandy in the final week of the campaign has left President Obama poised to seriously consider nuclear energy’s effect on climate change. In a legacy-building second term, the Obama might be able to further the conversation about nuclear energy and climate change in a way that was not possible before.

Next Generation Nuclear Power
Complete with a 10-minute video on the history of the nuclear industry, Ian McPherson delves into the consequences of ignoring nuclear energy as a potential agent in combating climate change. He also highlights the latest developments in nuclear power making it safer and more efficient than ever before.

Nuclear Energy As A Bridge to Cleaner Energy
This Nuclear Street piece features a TEDx talk video by Ohio State University Professor Gordon Aubrecht making a case for nuclear energy in the face of climate change and our growing energy needs. Aubrecht describes nuclear energy as the bridge to a clean energy future.

Nuclear Energy, Climate Change and the Power Grid
This North County Times piece discusses the importance of nuclear energy in supporting climate change initiatives while still supplying much-needed electricity. Nuclear energy also stabilizes California’s power grid while adding power from other renewable sources like wind and solar.

The Best Alternative to Oil
Nuclear energy is the answer to the world’s oil addiction, according to this piece on The Guardian’s Occam’s Corner blog. It doesn’t produce carbon dioxide, it’s relatively free of accidents and reactors produce far more energy than they use.

Decarbonizing and Nuclear Energy
This piece in New Europe Post by nuclear engineer and MEP Romana Jordan highlights nuclear energy as a key player in the European Union’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions. It produces no carbon dioxide, reduces oil dependency and is a stable energy source with great base-load potential.