Future of Nuclear Energy in Turkey: Comments from Turkish Ambassador

Namik Tan, Ambassador of Turkey to the United States, during his address to Session III of the US-Japan Roundtable

Last month, Forum on Energy reported that Turkey joined several European and Middle Eastern countries with firm plans to develop a nuclear energy program. Now, His Excellency Namik Tan, Ambassador of Turkey to the United States, has been invited to comment on the potential for nuclear energy in Turkey. The statement below was provided by Ambassador Tan.

Over the last couple of decades, energy security and energy independence has understandably become important in the overall security of nations. Nuclear energy arouses wider interest all around the world, so much so that there is now talk of “nuclear renaissance.” In the face of these new trends, Turkey has been continuing its preparations for adding nuclear energy into its energy mix.

Turkey aims to generate nuclear energy to the goal of 10 thousand MW of installed capacity by the year 2030. The construction of the first nuclear power plant is planned in Mersin-Akkuyu and the second in Sinop. An Intergovernmental Agreement regarding a nuclear power plant facility in Akkuyu has already been signed with Russian Federation on May 12, 2010.

Our country is taking necessary measures with great sensitivity for production of nuclear energy in the safest way possible. In the nuclear energy power plants that are planned to be built in our country, the most advanced technologies and methods will be used for safety. Necessary lessons will also be derived from the unfortunate incidents that occurred in the Fukushima power plant and security-related considerations will be given utmost importance in constructing our nuclear power plants.

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