Nuclear Energy Video Explains UAE’s Decision to Build Reactors

Forum on Energy recently published a country profile on the United Arab Emirates titled, “The Future of Nuclear Power in Emerging Markets: The United Arab Emirates” as part of ongoing series about nuclear energy in emerging markets. The UAE’s  plan to develop nuclear power is a story that continues to gain attention. As highlighted today on the website ANS Nuclear Cafe, The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation created an informative video that reviews the basics of nuclear energy and explains the United Arab Emirates’ decision to build nuclear reactors. The narrator cites the need to meet growing energy demand, the reliability of nuclear power, and carbon emission benefits as factors leading to the decision.

The video states, “Worldwide nuclear energy takes the place of energy that would emit about 2.5 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide each year…the development of nuclear energy is part of the UAE’s commitment to leading the way on sustainable energy for the future.”

This video is courtesy of Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation.