JAIF Chairman Takashi Imai Addresses Annual Conference

At the 45th Annual Japan Atomic Industry Forum Conference, held in April, Chairman Takashi Imai spoke about Fukushima’s impact on Japan’s nuclear future — and what needs to be done going forward.

According to Imai, Japan should focus on sharing the post-Fukushima lessons it’s learned with the world; intensify discussion on radiation protection measures and the development of new standards to reduce risk; and engage the international community on research into decommissioning.

For the near term, Imai cautioned that nuclear plants need to be restarted this summer in order to mitigate electricity shortages that inevitably come with peak demand, to roll back higher prices due to increased fuel imports, and to halt the potential exodus of Japanese businesses to other countries so they can meet manufacturing goals. He also urged the government to move forward with its newly restructured energy policy and allow the new nuclear safety agency to begin functioning. See full text (PDF) of Chairman Imai’s remarks. 

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