Wall Street Journal Reports Nuclear Pushes on Despite Fukushima

The Wall Street Journal’s Chester Dawson, Brian Spegele and Selina Williams write a piece titled “Nuclear Pushes on Despite Fukushima”

The accident at Fukushima Daiichi has not slowed developing countries’ continuing to push forward with nuclear power. According to the article, 60 nuclear reactors are currently under construction and 163 have been ordered or planned. In February 2011, the month before the nuclear accident, there were 62 reactors under construction and 156 on order or planned. Japanese companies are now leading efforts to help countries such as Lithuania utilize new nuclear reactors to meet their electricity needs. The Wall Street Journal has published engaging videos and interactive graphics to further tell this story. See below for interactive content and video.

View Interactive Graphics: Atomic Footprint Interactive

View Video Below: New Designs For Nuclear Reactors

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