Karen Harbert: Nuclear Power “An Integral Staple”

Karen Harbert

Karen Harbert, President and CEO, Institute for 21st Century Energy

The tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan that caused the crisis at Fukushima Daiichi has rippled through energy policy around the world. While every country has reacted differently, the reality is that nuclear power will continue to have a strong and growing presence across the globe. This is especially true in developing countries like China and India that need increasingly large amounts of new sources of electricity to power their growing economies and lift millions of people out of poverty.

In the United States, the high level of attention paid to Fukushima Daiichi has given the nuclear industry an opportunity to highlight the significant advancements in nuclear technology and safety.  Moreover, the four new state of the art reactors now being built in Georgia and South Carolina are proof that nuclear power will continue to be an integral staple of our energy supply for decades to come.

— by Karen Harbert, President and CEO, Institute for 21st Century Energy

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