Akito Arima: Time to Share Our Experiences

Dr. Akito Arima

Akito Arima, Chairman, Japan Science Foundation

After the catastrophic incident in Fukushima one year ago we have learned a lot of bitter and serious experiences. Now is the time we have to share our experiences with our friends over the world. We have to recognize the first step for our new nuclear policy is to regain credibility on nuclear energy through stabilizing the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear  power plants as well as establishing a safer nuclear energy system.

For major countries and the fastest growing economies, nuclear energy will remain a main energy source. We believe it is our international responsibility to support those countries’ activities with our technology.

Japan has developed its capability to use nuclear power through collaboration with the U.S. from the beginning. Because of a tough time we are facing, it is critical that we will have to deepen and strengthen the U.S.-Japan relationship for peaceful and safe nuclear power use around the world. I hope the Forum on Energy, hosted by His Excellency, Howard Baker, will encourage people over the world who are engaged in using nuclear power peacefully and safely.

— by Akito Arima, Chairman, Japan Science Foundation; Former Minister of Education, Science, Sports and Culture; Former Member of the Diet, Japan’s bicameral legislature

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