Japan takes steps to revise energy plan

Japan is ready to take a long-term view on its energy needs. The country’s government has created an energy panel to examine the country’s growing needs and how best to meet them, according to a story from UPI.

Before Fukushima, “nuclear power had been set to meet more than half of demand by 2030.” Japanese Trade Minister Yukio Edano said the new panel will look at energy needs for the next 100 to 200 years.

There’s no question that trust in nuclear energy is down since the natural disaster at Fukushima Daiichi. In fact, nearly half of the members on the new committee are against its use, according to UPI.

It’s far too early to say what role nuclear energy will have in the future of Japan’s power production infrastructure. However, there will be at least one prominent voice on the panel advocating the need for nuclear energy — not just for Japan internally, but to help secure Japan’s role in the world going forward.

“I think it will be important for Japan to keep contributing to the world by improving nuclear technologies, from the standpoint of the nation’s energy policy and its diplomatic strategy,” said Mitsui Co. Chairman Shoei Utsuda.